It is that first reaction –

Sure, we often show people Illumigems in poorly lit situations, well, poorly lit for our purposes, often in direct sunlight, or in a brightly lit hall.  We just cup our hands around them and peek in, watching the glow from that confined darkness.  Even with our eyes not adjusted to dark, you can witness the Illumigem glowing from nothing else but ambient light on a sunny day.

So, that’s why watching people respond to an Illumigem in a dimly lit room or at night, is so much fun.  You charge an Illumigem for 30 seconds with your phone flashlight and BAM, Illumigems are glowing like no tomorrow, as bright as a commercial glow stick!  Charge Illumigems for a few minutes and the glow lasts all night long, like a slowly dying fire, pumping out a soft glowing light for hours.  It is that face, that first reaction, that’s what I like the best about Illumigems.

The fun thing is, you get to share that. When you have an Illumigem, you get to do the thing I love the most, show other people.  It is simply amazing how bright these are and the fun crystal shapes make them even more interesting!