Like a moth to a flame – People like things that glow. It is true, we are attracted to glowing things. Sparkly things, they catch our eye. A mineral dealer and festival vendor, Pu Tzu, of The Uncarved Block, developed a resin model that can be charged in seconds and glow for hours. Resin cast from real quartz crystals, Illumigems was born. Available in blue and green glowing color, these quartz crystals look fantastic even when not glowing. Illumigems are popular on a necklace cord, charging during the day, glowing at nightfall! Illuminate your keyhole with our Illumigem keychain, and light up your room with our larger Illumigem nightlight crystals. animated-necklace You can charge an Illumigem with almost any light source, our favorite is with your cell phone. 30 seconds of charge can make Illumigems glow brightly for over an hour. The longer the charge, the longer the glow, up to 6 hours. If an Illumigem starts to dim, simply give it another charge for a few seconds and it will brighten right up! card-charging Glow-in-the-dark toys are nothing new, crystals are universally enjoyed by all ages. Combining the two gives us the unique combination we call Illumigems. To see examples of how Illumigems work, how brightly they glow and the styles they come in, take a look at our previous Kickstarter or check out the Facebook page