Illumigems are a creation of Pu Tzu, owner of The Uncarved Block, a regular face at mineral shows around the world for over a decade. Pu Tzu is a man of many thoughts and concerns, which lead him to think of various rechargeable devices that could replace one use glow sticks.  His concern with these was that when you snap the glow stick and activate the fluid inside, sure, it is great for that night, however, the next morning the dead carcass could only end up one place, in the garbage.  So fun, so wasteful! That’s why Pu Tzu spent years developing Illumigems, finding the perfect mixture for the resin, the ability to charge so easily and glow for so long!  Now that we have the process perfected, we look forward to producing new models that will astound you! card-charging It is easy to charge an Illumigem, simply place it near a light source, or give it a direct charge with your phone or LED flashlight animated-charging